Automatic Backup Now Easy Enough for Beginners: EzBackup101

Automatic Backup Now Easy Enough for Beginners: EzBackup101.

Hollywood, FL...With the introduction of EzBackup101 backup software, Data Protection Solutions by Arco now offers even the most non-technical computer users the ability to backup their data automatically.

The latest tool in DPS-Arco’s arsenal of drive to drive backup products, EzBackup101 is directly targeted to the computer user who knows little or nothing about hard drive backup. It comes with preloaded backup schedules so inexperienced or computer phobic users don’t need to know a thing. As long as their computer and backup drive are powered on, their backups will run.

“Most people know they need to backup their data files, but an awful lot of people don’t do it. Some simply forget to back up. Others find drive backup a bother. Then there are those who simply don’t know how to go about it. With EzBackup101, we’ve made it easy enough for all of them,” says DPS-Arco CEO Itzik Levy.

Despite its ease of use and automated features, EzBackup101 packs plenty of power. Users with a little more computer savvy can set up their own automatic backup schedules, backup manually from within the program or, if they have an external backup drive with a one-touch button, they can backup by just pushing a button. Or, they can do absolutely nothing and, once a day, EzBackup101 will automatically backup all of their new files and any that have changed since their last backup.

EzBackup101 will turn any FireWire or external USB drive into an automatic backup drive. It can also backup to a second internal drive. Colorful and easy to recognize file type icons (representing email, music, video, photo and document files) make it easy for even novice computer users to create personalized automatic backup schedules. The truly adventuresome can select individual files and folders from an easy to follow tree structure. Automatic backup schedules can be easily added, modified, turned off or deleted.

EzBackup101 doesn’t overwrite old backups but maintains dated copies of backed up files. So, there’s no chance of overwriting a good file with a bad one. If a file is inadvertently deleted or becomes corrupted, it can be easily restored in seconds from a dated list of available copies.

A free EzBackup101 software download and 15 day trial is available here . EzBackup operates under Windows XP, 2000 and Vista.

MSRP:  US$24.99

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