EzMigration 3 Makes It Easy to Migrate A Boot Drive

ANew Drive Copy Software Simplifies Move to Bigger Drive EzMigration 3 Makes It Easy to Migrate A Boot Drive.

Hollywood, FL...Data Protection Solutions by Arco, a long established leader in easy to use, low-cost drive to drive backup technology, today announced EzMigration 3 hard drive migration software.  Designed to shelter the end user from the complexities of the drive copy process, EzMigration can greatly simplify the move to a new or larger boot drive.

EzMigration 3 works under Windows XP, Vista, Server 2003 and 2008.  Its purpose is to transfer a complete drive image (a duplicate or clone) of one drive to another. It can also expand the drive image partition or move a partition, where necessary. Partition expansion is required when one wants to migrate to a larger drive. Partition expansion may also require moving a partition to another location on the drive.

EzMigration was developed as a low-cost alternative to DPS-Arco’s existing EzCopy stand alone hardware drive copiers. Aimed primarily at the non-technical, occasional user, it is designed to be simple enough and non-threatening enough for computer users who have little or no experience copying drives.

“We have completely redesigned the EzMigration look and feel in an effort to eliminate anything that might cause confusion or make a user uneasy.  It’s pretty much a click and drag operation,” says company CEO Itzik Levy.

EzMigration can be used to copy any drive but it is particularly useful for people faced with the job of having to migrate their boot drive contents.  EzMigration transfers an exact image copy of the original drive to the new one.  This eliminates all the work normally involved in building or rebuilding a new boot drive by installing one application at a time.  Once the drive image has been transferred to the new drive, all of the information on the old drive-including the applications, data files, preferences and partitioning-will be on the new drive. In the case of a boot drive migration, the new drive will be bootable and ready to use.  This type of move cannot be achieved through a file by file copy.

Since most people will want to migrate their data to a larger drive, EzMigration includes a drive partition expansion utility so that new drive owners can take advantage of the full storage capacity of their drives.  Whenever a drive image is copied to a new drive, the image creates a partition which is limited to the size of the copied drive.  For example, if a 60 GB drive is migrated to a 120 GB drive, the result will be a 120 GB drive with a 60 GB active partition and 60 GB of unusable drive space.  The partition expansion utility provides a quick and easy way to expand the 60 GB active partition to the full 120 GB so that users can take full advantage of their new drives.

EzMigration sells for $39.99 and is available for immediate download.  For additional information, visit http://www.arcoide.com/instant_migration.php.

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