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Backup and Copy Solutions for Your Hard Drive

Welcome to Data Protection Solutions. We specialize in easy to use drive to drive backup, copying and real time mirroring solutions. “EzBackup” software provides easily restorable data protection. “EzRaid” hardware provides fool-proof RAID 1 disk mirroring solutions and “EzCopy” allows one-button hard drive copying.


Write two copies of your data simultaneously on two separate drives to prevent downtime. If one of your hard drives suffers a mechanical failure, the remaining drive will continue to function. Our unique selection of IDE RAID 1, SATA RAID 1 and USB RAID1 disk mirroring devices guarantees you'll find the right size and shape to fit your needs.

EzCopy Drive Copier

With patented DD4 drive duplication technology, the EzCopy will create a bit by bit copy of your drive and does not require a computer connection.

EzMigration Software

Easy to use drive migration software. Copy your drive contents to a larger drive the no-hassle way.


EzBackup Software

Easy to use automatic backup software; Turn any drive into an automatic backup drive and just as easily restore a file or a whole drive.

EzBackup Drives

Choose from our slim and easy to carry “One Touch Backup” Hard Drives for your laptop and desktop computer.

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New EzCopy Light

“The EzCopy Light is a "Lighter" version of our EzCopy DD4. It is .."  learn more

New DD4 EzRaid Bay Mount+

“The EzRAID 5.25" Bay Mount+ can be operated entirely through a front panel LCD..."                                learn more

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