Case Studies: Networking

The Company – Ascend Technologies

Ascend Technologies provides total communications and technology integration on a nationwide level through a single point of contact. Services include telephony, LAN/WAN, structured cabling, data networking, sound masking, paging, CCTV and other low voltage connectivity solutions.

Ascend Technologies selects only the best engineers, project managers, partners and suppliers. It comes as no surprise then, that they chose a Data Protection Solutions by Arco product.

DPS’ Solution: What the Client Says

“We tried other RAID controllers but they didn’t come near to the quality of the Data Protection Solutions products. DupliDisk DD3 /DD4 technology mirrors the information on the fly. Most importantly, the customer stays up and running”, comments Chad Davis, Project Manager, Ascend Technologies.

Ascend Technologies provides a number of critical services, and DupliDisk IDE/SATA RAID controllers provide the peace of mind and data protection that those services require.

“The support and service we receive from Data Protection Solutions is second to none,” says Davis. “The reps are very responsive and every shipment has arrived when I needed it. For reliability and stability there is only one RAID controller I would use and that is DupliDisk.”

DD3 IDE/ DD4 SATA  Disk Mirroring Controllers Product Features

DPS’ DupliDisk3/4 (DD3/4) IDE/SATA RAID 1 controller provides real-time drive mirroring. If your hard drive crashes, your computer continues to run smoothly with no data loss. The product operates by writing data both to your original drive and to a backup drive. DupliDisk3:


• Uses virtually any operating system.
• Requires no system resources, IRQs or device drivers
• Document changes occur simultaneously on the primary and mirror drives.
• No delay time and writes are automatic.
• Sounds an alarm and automatically switches all operations to backup should your hard drive fail -your system
continues to operate with no downtime or loss of data.
• No high costs or complicated installations. Requires no device drivers and uses no IRQ or system memory, so it causes no software or hardware conflicts.