EzRAID DD4 Flexmount RAID 1 Controller Allows Mirroring in Tight Spaces

New EzRAID FlexMount SATA RAID 1 Controller Designed For Disk Mirroring In Tight Spaces.

Hollywood, FL...Data Protection Solutions by Arco, a long established leader in innovative drive mirroring solutions introduces the EzRAID DD4 FlexMount, a SATA version of its popular small format RAID 1 controller.

Designed to offer flexibility of installation for computers with severe space constraints, this latest addition to the company’s line of IDE and SATA RAID 1 disk mirroring controllers measures only 2.2″ wide by 3.5″ long. The DD4 FlexMount requires no bus slot or drive bay and can be placed anywhere within the computer chassis.

“Our POS customers, in particular, have been steadily moving from IDE to SATA drives and have been demanding a RAID 1 controller that would provide the same small form factor and flexibility of installation as our existing IDE model. But, with PCI slots and external drive bays becoming increasingly scarce, the DD4 FlexMount could be a good choice for almost any computer. It’s ideal for any situation where the reliability of hardware RAID mirroring is required but space or resources aren’t available,” says Itzik Levy, company CEO.

No bigger than a pack of cigarettes, the DD4 FlexMount sports a high-impact, black plastic shell that protects the RAID 1 controller from other electrical components within the computer. The unit connects via provided SATA cables. Once installed, the DD4 FlexMount sends all writes to both drives simultaneously, maintaining an exact up to the minute duplicate, or mirror, of the primary drive. If one of the drives fails, an alert will sound but the remaining drive will take over automatically and keep the computer up and running.

A PCI slot bracket containing a serial port, status lights, and an alarm-reset button is provided. Bracket does not occupy a slot but simply uses the opening for external access. Use of the bracket is optional.

The DD4 FlexMount requires no drivers or IRQs and is compatible with all brands of SATA drives, drive formats and partitioning schemes. The provided mirroring software utility can be installed under Windows or Linux or can be run directly from the CD-ROM drive, allowing the DD4 FlexMount to be functional under a wide variety of operating systems, including all versions of Windows, DOS, LINUX, OS/2, Unix, Solaris, NetWare and others.

MSRP: US$289.

About Data Protection Solutions

Data Protection Solutions by Arco (formerly Arco Computer Products) has been providing unique end user and OEM RAID mirroring products since 1989.

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