Case Studies: Retail

The Company – Crystal Cleaners

Crystal Cleaners is the main distributor of the Renzacci brand dry cleaning machines and laundry equipment for North and South Carolina.

As business continued to grow, they were ready to computerize business operations to ensure high standards. Chairman George Harrison selected a point of sale computer system based on Windows technology, and chose a DupliDisk disk-mirroring product to protect this data because it was a more economical solution than a separate server yet offered the same functionality.

DPS’ Solution: What the Client Says

Harrison favored DupliDisk because it didn’t require him to remember to change a tape each night. “I installed the (specific product) into my server which took about ten minutes. The installation was so simple that I never even needed to contact DPS’ technical people. In my opinion, a technical support department that never has anyone calling with problems is the sign of a perfectly designed product that works,” comments Harrison.

“I used the Windows based software to compare my drives on occasion and every time they compared at 100%. After the first year, I quit wasting my time with the compares because I knew DPS’s DupliDisk was doing its job flawlessly,” commented Harrison.

DD3 IDE/ DD4 SATA Disk Mirroring Controllers Product Features

DPS’ DupliDisk3/4 (DD3/DD4) IDE/SATA RAID 1 controller provides real-time drive mirroring. If your hard drive crashes, your computer continues to run smoothly with no data loss. The product operates by writing data both to your original drive and to a backup drive. DupliDisk3:


• Uses virtually any operating system.
• Requires no system resources.
• Document changes occur simultaneously on the primary and mirror drives.
• No delay time and writes are automatic.
• Sounds an alarm and automatically switches all operations to backup should your hard drive fail -your system
continues to operate with no downtime or loss of data.
• No high costs or complicated installations.
•Requires no device drivers, uses no IRQ or system memory, so it causes none of the software or hardware conflicts that plague computer systems.
•Causes no software or hardware conflicts.