Case Studies: Firewall, VPN

The Company – Steel Cloud

SteelCloud is a leading provider of server appliances to technology companies and organizations that develop, implement and support Internet security and infrastructure solutions. For the past 15 years, they have delivered mission critical networking applications for some of the world’s most discerning customers – even the US Government’s Department of Defense and its Security Agencies.

DPS’ Solution: What the Client Says

Dealing with organizations like the US Government, SteelCloud couldn’t leave anything to chance for any form of system failure. So, to complement their services, they chose DupliDisk to take advantage of the redundant Hot Swap Hard Disk Drive functionality in their enterprise firewall applications. DupliDisk works best for SteelCloud because it doesn’t use a PCI slot or require any special drivers.

Tim McNamee, Business Development Director of SteelCloud, comments, “It was important to secure our client’s VPN, but also to preserve PCI slots for our large government and enterprise accounts. DupliDisk has been a blessing for this application, and as far as I am aware it is the only product of its type.”

DD3/DD4 IDE/SATA Disk Mirroring Controllers Product Features

DPS’ DupliDisk3/4 (DD3/DD4) IDE/SATA RAID 1 controller provides real-time drive mirroring. If your hard drive crashes, your computer continues to run smoothly with no data loss. The product operates by writing data both to your original drive and to a backup drive.


• Uses virtually any operating system.
• Requires no system resources.
• Document changes occur simultaneously on the primary and mirror drives.
• No delay time and writes are automatic.
• Sounds an alarm and automatically switches all operations to backup should your hard drive fail -your system
continues to operate with no downtime or loss of data.
• No high costs or complicated installations.
•Requires no device drivers, uses no IRQ or system memory, so it causes none of the software or hardware conflicts that plague computer systems.
•Causes no software or hardware conflicts.