Case Studies: CTI, Thelephony, CAD/CAM

The Company – Nex Computing Solutions

NEX Computing Solutions is a systems integrator specializing in delivering quality “purpose built” (referred to as “Embedded”) solutions for CTI appliances (call recording, voice mail, VoIP), video security recorders, process control, computer-aided design/manufacturing and other industrial applications.. NEX Computing Solutions has an advanced integration center for design, engineering, assembly, and testing of computer systems. NEX Computing Solutions also provides customer based solutions such as stocking customer owned inventory, installation of specialized boards, and custom software images. NEX Computing Solutions also partners with customers providing repair/refurbishment services for both in-warranty and out-of-warranty systems.

DPS’ Solution: What the Client Says

“In the industrial space, our customers demand 24 X 7 operation, high security, and ‘no-fail’ data protection. We have used the DupliDisk product from DPS for a number of years and have found it to work with a wide range of operating systems, is very easy to integrate into customer solutions, and gives our customers peace of mind for data protection. We have multiple success stories where the DPS product saved the day” –Kent Lemmex, President, NEX Computing Solutions.

NEX Computing Solutions integrates the DupliDisk into hardware platforms to provide turnkey solutions for its customers. NEX has built an excellent reputation to its loyal customers because of its use of high quality and extremely reliable components in all of their computer assemblies as well as their top notch service and support offerings. Please contact NEX Computing Solutions for all of your integration needs and requirements.

DD3 IDE / DD4 SATA Disk Mirroring Controllers Product Features

DupliDisk3/4 (DD3/DD4) Disk Technology provides real-time data mirroring. If your hard drive crashes, your computer continues to run smoothly with no data loss. The product operates by writing data both to your original drive and to a backup drive.


• Uses virtually any operating system.
• Requires no system resources, IRQs or device drivers
• Document changes occur simultaneously on the primary and mirror drives.
• No delay time and writes are automatic.
• Sounds an alarm and automatically switches all operations to backup should your hard drive fail -your system
continues to operate with no downtime or loss of data.
• No high costs or complicated installations.