EzCopy Stand Alone Drive Copier Shipping With Free Partitioning Utility

EzCopy Stand Alone Drive Copier Shipping With Free Partitioning Utility.

Hollywood, FL...Data Protection Solutions by Arco will now include free drive partitioning software with its EzCopy drive duplicators.

The EzCOPY™ is a small, easy to use stand alone drive duplicator. It features two removable drive caddies and is designed for organizations with low volume drive copy needs such as resellers, system integrators, IT support specialists and service technicians. The EzCOPY is available in both IDE and SATA models for MSRP $699. Both may be purchased with either 3.5” or 2.5” drive caddies. Extra caddies can be purchased separately. The $100 CopyKluge is an optional add-on to the SATA (DD4) version and provides an economical way to transfer IDE drive contents to a SATA drive via an external cable.

The EzCopy transfers a bit by bit copy of the original onto the target drive, rapidly moving data at less than one minute per gigabyte. It can duplicate drives of up to 144 petabytes, is virtually maintenance free and can be used to copy to and from drives of dissimilar sizes as well as between drives from different manufacturers. Because the EzCOPY does not connect to a computer, it requires no installation or software, no computer time and virtually no user intervention. All that’s required is to insert the source and destination drives into its two removable drive caddies, slide the caddies into the device and push the start button. A front panel LED provides status information, making it easy to identify copy direction or to abort a copy if necessary. In addition to making a complete mirror image of the source drive, the EzCOPY can also be set to do a “fast” (block level) copy of only the occupied portion of the drive.

DPS-Arco’s Partition Express Utility simplifies the process of expanding the partition created on an NTFS drive when migrating from a smaller to a larger drive. Once drive contents have been transferred, the original partition (size of the smaller drive) can be expanded to encompass the full size of the larger drive. The Partition Express Utility requires that the drive be connected to a computer.

Additional information and photos available here.

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