EzBackup – Easy Drive to Drive Backup Software Now Shipping

EzBackup – Easy Drive to Drive Backup Software Now Shipping.

Hollywood, FL...EzBackup 3, the newest backup software from Data Protection Solutions by Arco, now makes it easy enough for even the most non technical computer user to enjoy the benefits of drive to drive backup. With just a few clicks, EzBackup turns any internal or external drive — USB, FireWire, SATA, IDE — into an automatic backup drive.

As drive sizes continue to grow and drive prices continue to drop, a second hard drive is rapidly becoming the medium of choice for backing up large amounts of computer data.  But, protecting individual files and folders is only half the job. EzBackup combines file backup with image backup so the entire drive is protected.  Whether it’s one file or an entire boot drive that needs to be restored, EzBackup ensures that data recovery will be a quick and painless process.

EzBackup walks the user through the few simple steps needed to transfer an image copy, or clone, of their drive to the backup drive. This drive image includes all the information and partitions on the original drive. When the image backup is complete, the user simply points and clicks to select individual files and folders and to schedule times for regular backups. As many as eight different backup schedules can be set.  EzBackup runs the scheduled backups automatically in the background whether the user is working in the foreground or is away from the computer, so backups always get done.

In addition to individual files and folders, entire file types such as all photos, all mail files, all music files or even the entire My Documents folder can be selected when scheduling automatic backups.  EzBackup provides specific support for Outlook and Outlook Express backup. EzBackup can even be instructed to backup only those files that are new or which have been modified since the last backup. If requested, EzBackup will send an email notification indicating that a backup has taken place.  Previous backups can be overwritten with each new backup or multiple backups can be maintained with dated restore points for easy retrieval.

EzBackup’s new Image Restore Disk makes it a simple task to replace or restore an entire damaged or corrupted boot drive.  The built-in Partition Expansion utility ensures that restoring or migrating to a larger drive is a quick, easy and seamless process.

Anyone who has attempted to restore from tape or from a backup file saved in a proprietary format and has found the backup files contained corrupted data — or no data at all — will appreciate the ability EzBackup offers to easily confirm the contents of backup files.

A free EzBackup software download and 30-day trial is available here. EzBackup operates under Windows XP, 2000 and Vista.

MSRP: US$49.99

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Data Protection Solutions by Arco has been providing drive backup technology products since 1989 and is a recognized leader in providing specialty and OEM backup, disk mirroring, and drive copy solutions.

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