Data Protection Solutions Offers Free Trial Versions of its EzBackup® Fully Bootable, Mirror-Image Backup & One-Step Recovery Software

Data Protection Solutions Offers Free Trial Versions of its EzBackup® Fully Bootable, Mirror-Image Backup & One-Step Recovery Software
EzBackup® enables home and business users to make any hard disk drive a backup and recovery device with its patented technology

Hollywood, FL, December 13th, 2005 – Data Protection Solutions (DPS), leading provider of patented disk-to-disk (D2D) mirroring, backup and restore solutions, today announces the release of EzBackup® Data Protection Software. Based on their increasingly popular EzBackup®-sa solution, DPS developed and now offers its EzBackup® software to end-users seeking simple, cost-effective and robust solutions that enable users to boot directly from the backup drive and restore in a single step. This truly unique software solution now enables Windows® users to make any hard disk drive a backup device, and grants them the ability to instantly restore their entire system’s hard drive, a directory, file type or a specific file. DPS also offers EzBackup®-fs, enabling users to simply back up and recover files to any hard disk without creating a mirror-image copy of the system – ideal for those who desire efficient photo, music and other specific file types and uses. Both EzBackup® and EzBackup®-fs software are available to users via the company’s web site and are invited to take advantage of the FREE 30-day trial to learn for themselves how EzBackup® can end their backup woes.

As part of its continued development, Data Protection Solutions continues to advance its strategic approach to continuous data protection by strengthening, simplifying and delivering backup solutions that take features found in the enterprise, such as bare metal recovery (BMR) and delivering them economically for use with edge-of-the-network devices such as PCs, laptops, workstations and departmental servers. Users can now enjoy simple, more reliable and lower cost disk-to-disk technologies with one-step restore capabilities.

“We believe that backup should be easy and offer 100% restoration to end-users. By creating and offering trial versions of the new EzBackup® software, end-users will see for themselves that the promise can be delivered upon. “, says Steven D. Hammond, Senior Vice President – Sales and Marketing. “DPS intends to make backup an easy, natural and ongoing end-user process instead of being neglected.”

At any time during the free 30-day trial period, users can chose to purchase a full license by visiting DPS’s website at EzBackup® software. The full version of EzBackup® can be purchased for $49.99. EzBackup® software is available from DPS’s website, free download sites, in retail stores, and through its resellers and distributors. For consumers that will still desire a low-cost, efficient, all-inclusive solution that they can pull out of a box, set up once and forget it until they really need it, EzBackup®-sa offers exactly that solution.

About Data Protection Solutions

Headquartered in South Florida and founded in 1989, DPS is a data protection technology provider, offering many unique and patented technologies. Both the company’s disk mirroring RAID controller and EzBackup®disk-to-disk (D2D) product lines, powered by the company’s patented DupliDisk technology, are designed to preserve the value of personal and corporate data. Data values are growing exponentially, and the high failure rate of tape-based backups and restores are a more serious threat to these values than ever. D2D backup provides cost-effective backup and storage up to terabyte capacity. It is now recognized as the “fail-safe” solution to data protection for SMB and small and home office (SOHO) applications, and is also found in robust enterprise settings. The company serves the market through OEM relationships, distributors such as Tech Data Corporation and D&H Distributing, as well as system integrators and value-added resellers throughout the United States, Europe, and the Far East.

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