Data Protection Solutions (DPS) Delivers Next Generation of its Patented RAID Technology with EzRaidT DD4 SATA products

Data Protection Solutions (DPS) Delivers Next Generation of its Patented RAID Technology with EzRaid™ DD4 SATA products
EzRaid™DD4 promises maintenance-free, hard disk drive mirroring coupled with the speed and simplicity of Serial ATA Technology.

Hollywood, FL, September 27, 2005 – Data Protection Solutions, or DPS, the provider of disk mirroring, backup and bare metal restore solutions for the edge of the network, announced today the addition of its next-generation DD4 technology with the EzRaid™ 3.5” DD4 Serial ATA (SATA) Bay Mount products. Mounting easily into any standard 3.5” or 5.25” drive bay, users may easily connect up to two SATA drives and a system motherboard to the EzRaid DD4 SATA controller. Once connected, EzRaid simultaneously and automatically writes data to both drives quickly in the background to build a complete mirror of the system’s data. This patented technology enables DPS to deliver maintenance-free, operating system-independent RAID solutions easily deployed in multiple form factors, making EzRaid a favorite of system builders with vertically oriented or special purpose systems.

With EzRaid DD4 Bay Mount SATA solutions, users enjoy the enterprise-level data protection, high-speed data thru-put, true background build/rebuild and proactive health monitoring capabilities. During the set-up process, the mirror drive is automatically built and new data simultaneously written to both drives. In the event of a hard drive failure, EzRaid notifies the user while automatically switching operations to the mirrored hard drive. Upon replacing the failed hard disk drive, EzRaid automatically rebuilds the data in the background creating and then maintaining a constant mirror of all the system data. Because EzRaid simultaneously writes data at the Blocklevel, EzRaid is compatible with all types of disk drives, drive formats and partitioning schemes.

Based on previously patented DupliDisk™ technology, EzRaid DD4 Bay Mount solutions operate independently of the Operating System and platform. Furthermore, EzRaid DD4 Bay Mount does not require a BUS Slot eliminating the necessity of IRQ & TSR settings, as well as 2 drivers associated with other disk mirroring technologies and products. EzRaid also provides for 48-bit LBA support.

Installation and set up is quick and easy with EzRaid and it does not require any management. More sophisticated users may choose to manage the system using EzRaid’s new, powerful, yet simple Windows® XP, 2000 and 2003 management utility. The new EzRaid management utility provides users greater monitoring control as well as the ability to tune the system performance. Users can set error level thresholds, failure detection alerts sent to one or multiple e-mail addresses, audible & visual LED front panel alarms, and the ability to monitor the disk array health via the Windows® system tray.

“Small businesses demand a blend of performance and sophistication delivered at a low cost, and in the most reliable and IT-free manner.”, states Itzik Levy, founder of Data Protection Solutions by Arco. “OEM device manufacturers and system integrators delivering products integrated with data protection solutions to this segment require a high degree of quality. EzRaid™ solutions are designed specifically to meet those demands.”

About Data Protection Solutions

Headquartered in South Florida and founded in 1989, DPS is a device specific, data protection technology provider, offering many unique and patented technologies. Both the company’s EzRaid™ disk mirroring RAID controller and EzBackup™ disk-to-disk (D2D) backup product lines, powered by the company’s patented DupliDisk technology, are designed to preserve the value of personal and corporate data. Data values are growing exponentially, and the high failure rate of tape-based backups and restores are a more serious threat to these values than ever. D2D backup provides cost effective backup and storage up to terabyte capacity. It is now recognized as the “fail-safe” solution to data protection for SMB and small and home office (SOHO) applications, and is found in robust enterprise settings. The company serves the market through OEM relationships, distributors such as Tech Data Corporation, as well as system integrators and value-added resellers throughout the United States, Europe, and the Far East.

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