Data Protection Solutions Introduces EzRAID Continuous Backup (Disk Mirroring) Device For SATA Drives

Data Protection Solutions Introduces EzRAID Continuous Backup (Disk Mirroring) Device For SATA Drives.
The new EzRaid Dual Swap+ mirroring device from Data Protection Solutions combines maintenance-free backup with the speed of Serial ATA technology.

HOLLYWOOD, FL, April 20th, 2006 – Data Protection Solutions by Arco, a long established leader in low-cost drive mirroring and data backup hardware, now brings its innovative DD4 mirroring technology to SATA drive users with the new EzRaid Dual Swap+ DD4.

The EzRaid Dual Swap+ is designed to hold two Serial ATA (SATA) hard drives and fits easily into any 5.25 inch double drive bay. Users need only slip their SATA drives into the EzRaid Dual Swap+ and connect them to the computer’s motherboard with the provided cables. Once connected, the drives are automatically integrated with the EzRaid Dual Swap+ hardware and data begins writing to both drives simultaneously, quickly building a mirror system. A mirror system can be created by installing two new drives or by having the EzRaid Dual Swap+ copy all data from an existing drive to a second drive. In either event, the process will result in the data on both drives being identical and remaining so as additional data is saved to the drives. Once the drives are mirrored no further user intervention is required.

Each time the user saves data, the information is automatically sent to both drives. If one of the drives fails, the EzRaid Dual Swap+ will seamlessly switch all operations to the functioning drive. The EzRaid Dual Swap+ will alert the user that only one drive is operational but the computer system will remain up and running and all applications will continue to function. The user may bring down the system and replace the failed drive at a convenient or non-peak time or simply hot swap the drive while the system is running. Once the failed drive is replaced, the EzRaid Dual Swap+ will automatically copy the data from the existing drive to the new drive in background and a new mirror system will be established.

No additional oversight or administration is required. However, more technically savvy users who wish to monitor or fine tune the system may do so by means of the EzRaid Dual Swap’s powerful Windows/Linux-based management utility. For example, the EzRaid Dual Swap+ provides visual feedback via front panel LCD which indicates whether the drives are operating properly and an audible alarm that sounds when a drive has failed. Through use of the management utility, it is also possible to monitor the condition of remote or inaccessible computer systems.

Because the DD4 technology used in the EzRaid Dual Swap+ operates independently of the hardware platform and operating system, the EzRaid Dual Swap+ is compatible with all brands of SATA drives, drive formats and partitioning schemes. Additionally, it will function under a wide variety of operating systems, including all versions of Windows, DOS, LINUX, OS/2, Unix, Solaris, NetWare and others.

The EzRaid Dual Swap+ DD4 has been designed in a shorter length for easier integration with the newer motherboards and smaller computer cases. It requires no bus slot, does not use an IRQ and has no need for a TSR setting or any device drivers. It is RoHS compliant and provides for 48-bit LBA support. MSRP $599.

About Data Protection Solutions

Data Protection Solutions by Arco (formerly Arco Computer Products) is headquartered in Hollywood, Florida. The company has been providing RAID mirroring and computer backup and restore products since 1989, first through its DupliDisk hardware and now through its enhanced EzRaid and EzBackup disk-to-disk (D2D) products lines. It is a recognized leader in providing specialty and OEM mirroring solutions.

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