Data Protection Solutions Announces EzCOPY Stand Alone SATA Drive Copier With DD4 (DupliDisk 4) Technology

Data Protection Solutions Announces EzCOPY Stand Alone SATA Drive Copier With DD4 (DupliDisk 4) Technology.

Hollywood, FL...March 30th, 2006 – Data Protection Solutions by Arco, a long established leader in low-cost drive mirroring, backup and bare metal restore solutions, today announces EzCOPY™ DD4, an affordable hard drive duplicator aimed squarely at the computer reseller, integrator, OEM and lab testing markets.

Based on the company’s unique DD4 drive duplication technology, the EzCOPY™ is a stand-alone unit designed to replicate Serial ATA drives quickly and easily with the touch of a button. The EzCOPY™ provides 48 bit LBA support and can handle Serial ATA drives up to 144 petabytes. It creates a bit by bit drive-to-drive copy with lightning speed, moving data at less then one minute per gigabyte. The EzCOPY™ is operating system independent and virtually maintenance free. It can be used to copy to and from drives of dissimilar sizes as well as drives from different manufacturers.

Because the EzCOPY™ does not connect to a computer, it requires no installation or software, no computer time and virtually no user intervention. Just pop the source and destination drives into its two removable drive trays, slide the trays into the device and push the start button. A front panel LED panel provides status information, allowing the user to easily identify copy direction or abort a copy if necessary. In addition to making a complete mirror image of the source drive, the EzCOPY can also be set to do a “fast” (block level) copy of only the occupied portion of the drive.

“Our goal is to provide our customers with uncomplicated and easy to use solutions to move copy and backup their hard drives,” says Itzik Levy, founder of Data Protection Solutions by Arco.

About Data Protection Solutions

Data Protection Solutions by Arco (formerly Arco Computer Products) is headquartered in Hollywood, Florida. The company has been providing RAID mirroring and computer backup and restore products since 1989, first through its DupliDisk hardware and now through its enhanced EzRaid, EzBackup and EzCopy disk-to-disk (D2D) products lines. The company is a recognized leader in providing specialty and OEM mirroring solutions.

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