Protect yourself — Virus to Hit on April Fools’ Day

A new version of the Conficker worm is to hit desktops on the 1st April, 2009.

According to Don DeBolt, director of threat research at CA, the virus will be activated on April 1st 2009. It has been said that some computers are already infected but will not be affected until that date. Starting on April 1st there will be a release of 50,000 URLs each day to prevent any kind of tracking from where this virus is getting the download  instructions.

Don Debolt claimed that they do not know exactly what those instructions might be, but it could involve downloading malicious codes, destroying files or stealing personal information such as log-in ID’s and passwords. Even though some of us think we are protected with  anti-virus software this malicious virus can disable some of the tools used to detect and eradicate it, including anti-virus and other anti-malware detection.

However, there are ways to protect yourself. The best way is to have your EzBackup software  with all your latest information up to date.  Make sure you have EzBackup set up to create your backups in incremental mode. Incremental mode means that each day or each backup schedule, EzBackup will create a separate folder for each backup, so if something happens on any particular day, you can easily go back in time like days or hours (depending on your set up schedule) and recover your computer virus free.

Lets say that you have your EzBackup set up in incremental mode, you created a backup everyday at 4:00pm as that is the default backup. It’s Monday March 30th, 4 o’ clock and your backup has been created. The same thing happens on Tuesday March 31st, and now it’s April Fool’s Day, your computer is going crazy, you got the April Fools’ virus, but you don’t worry about it, you click the restore tab on your EzBackup software and in minutes you go back in time and restore to March 30th, meaning your computer will go back to how it was on that day, virus free

If you don’t have EzBackup yet, you still have time to protect yourself from the April Fool’s Virus. Download your free trial today and see how EzBackup Software can help you protect your files from viruses or hard drive crashes.

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