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    SATA to IDE Host Converter

    Serial ATA (SATA) to IDE Host Converter is a small adapter/converter, which allows users to connect any Next Generation SATA hard disk drive to the IDE/EIDE (PATA) controller. This converter allows users to take advantage of the newer SATA hard drives, low thermal, easy airflow and high performance while using the standard IDE/EIDE (PATA) controller (usually on the motherboards).

    Installing the SATA to IDE Host  converter

    • Remove the ARC-SATAH from its package.

    • Make sure that the system is OFF.
    • Open your PC and remove the SATA hard drive.
    • Connect the 40-pin connector from the ARC-SATAH (marked as ARC-SATAH)
           to the host IDE/EIDE (PATA) on the motherboard. The ARC-SATAH fits only
           one way. Make sure that all pins are aligned
    • Connect one end of the power cable (provided) to the 4-pin power connector
           of the ARC-SATAH and the other end to a free power cable from the PC.
    • Connect one end of the SATA cable to the SATA connector of the ARC-SATAH
           (marked as DEVICE) and the other end to the SATA hard drive.
    • Reinstall the SATA hard drive and reassemble your PC.


    • Mounts to an IDE port on a motherboard
    • Operating system and platform independent
    • No BUS slot require
    • No need for IRQs, TSRs or device drivers
    • Drive operates at full SATA speed
    • Supports one IDE hard disk drive
    • Supports drives up to 144 petabytes (48 bit LBA)


    • Easily connect a SATA drive to an IDE converted to SATA port
    • Requires no driver or other system resources
    • Functions independently of your O/S
    • Drive operates at full SATA speed
    • Computer sees IDE drive as SATA drive


      Drive Interface SATA I
      Data Path IDE/E -IDE/UDMA
      Host Interface SATA I
      Electrical Input Voltage 5V DC/ 12V DC (+/- 5%)
      Current 450ma operating, 600ma peak
      Physical Dimensions Length: 2.17"
      Width: 1.25"
      Operating Temperature: 0 - 50°C
      Humidity: 8 to 87% non-condensing
      MTBF MIL-HDBK-217 = 580,383 hours
      Bellcore rating = 2,695,418 hours

    Part No. ARC-SATAH
    MSRP: US $39.99

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