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    EzIDE-S SATA to IDE Drive Converter with SATA Drive

    The EzIDE-S SATA to IDE drive converter is a small board with a SATA hard drive included, designed to allow you to connect the included SATA drive to your computer via an IDE port. The EzIDE-S converts the SATA drive signals to IDE (PATA) so your computer sees and communicates with the SATA drive as if it were an IDE drive.

    The EzIDE-S is the ideal solution for older or legacy systems that were designed for use with IDE (PATA) drives and lack motherboard support for SATA drives. The EzIDE-S includes the EzIDE SATA to IDE drive converter, so it does not require a bus slot. Also, because the EzIDE-S works entirely in hardware, it does not require a device driver. That means it is not limited to use with any particular operating system and can be used with both old and new operating systems.

    Because the EzIDE SATA to IDE drive converter attaches firmly to a SATA drive, it provides a solid and secure connection between the IDE controller and the SATA drive. With the EzIDE-S, there are no flimsy connections to become loose or undone, no extra cables or dongles taking up room in your computer case.

    The EzIDE is easy to install and use. Simply slip the EzIDE adapter board onto the SATA drive, attaching it via the SATA connector on the drive. Connect one end of an IDE cable to the IDE connector on the EzIDE-S SATA to IDE drive converter and the other end to an IDE port in your computer.

    That's all there is to it. There is no software to install. No driver is required. The EzIDE-S uses no bus slot and IRQ. The EzIDE-S will seamlessly convert the SATA drive so that it can be used with IDE (PATA) equipment. The SATA drive will behave and be recognized by your computer as if it were IDE (PATA) drive.


    • Mounts in a 3.5”drive bay
    • Operating system and platform independent
    • No BUS slot required
    • Uses existing IDE controller
    • No need for IRQs, TSRs or device drivers
    • Drive operates at full SATA speed
    • Supports one SATA hard disk drive- included
    • Supports drives up to 144 petabytes (48 bit LBA)


    • Easily connect a SATA drive to an IDE port
    • Get a secure, solid connection to the drive
    • No need to buy a new computer or upgrade your O/S
    • No need to pay top dollars for a new, hard to find, IDE drive


      Drive Interface SATA I
      Data Path IDE/E-IDE/UDMA
      Defined by host controller
      Host Interface Cable 18 inches  maximum
      80 Conductor - 40 pin connector
      Electrical Input Voltage 5V DC/ 12V DC (+/- 5%)
      Current 450ma operating, 600ma peak
      Physical Dimensions Length: 7.00"
      Width: 4.00"
      Operating Temperature: 0 - 50°C
      Humidity: 8 to 87% non-condensing
      MTBF MIL-HDBK-217 = 580,383 hours
      Bellcore rating = 2,695,418 hours

    Part No. EzIDE-S
    Starting at: $107.00

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