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    DD4 EzRaid 5.25” Bay Mount+

    Easy to use DupliDisk4 (DD4) RAID mirroring technology, the Bay Mount+ fits perfectly into a standard 5.25" external drive bay and allows you to quickly and easily set up a RAID disk mirroring system on your computer using Serial ATA (SATA) drives. It supports either SATA or PATA (IDE) Host connection.

    The EzRAID 5.25" Bay Mount+ can be set up and operated entirely through the easy to use front panel LCD. The 5.25" Bay Mount+ is an ideal solution for UNIX, LINUX or Solaris, as well as Windows installations.

    With the EzRAID DD4 5.25" Bay Mount+ SATA RAID 1 disk mirroring controller, the state of your mirrored drives is immediately visible at all times. Front panel LEDs and an audible alarm will alert you instantly to any disruption in drive operation or break in the mirror. Up-front access to the alarm button makes it easy to quickly disarm or reset the siren once a problem has been recognized.

    To install the 5.25" Bay Mount+ RAID 1 controller simply slip the RAID controller into an available 5.25" drive bay. Use the provided cables to connect your drives to the RAID controller and the RAID controller to your motherboard. Run the provided software to establish the mirror and you're done. No need for special drivers, no interrupt or software conflicts.

    New options to Access the controller:

    If the DD4-EzRaid 5.25” Bay Mount+ is intended on working on a non Windows O/S, the controller can be accessed for Setup and Firmware upgrade from a Windows computer (using our RAID management software) via two methods:

    1.    Serial Port – In this case the part number for ordering is: DD4-B5PK
    2.    USB Port    – In this case the part number for ordering is: DD4-B5PKU


    • Supports either SATA or PATA (IDE) host
    • Operating system and platform independence
    • Mounts in 5.25” drive bay
    • Easy to use front panel LCD
    • Complete front panel RAID mirroring setup
    • “Lock” position prevents unauthorized access
    • No BUS slot required
    • No need for IRQs, TSRs or device drivers
    • Supports one pair of SATA hard disk drives
    • Supports drives up to 144 petabytes (48 bit LBA)


    • Quick and easy installation
    • Support for mixed (dissimilar) drives
    • Data saves sent to both drives simultaneously
    • Mirrored drives are both bootable
    • If one drive fails, the remaining drive assumes control
    • Readily accessible front panel alerts: audible alarm and visual LEDs
    • Easy-to-use Windows XP/2000/2003/Vista/Win7 Management Utility
    • True background under Windows
    • Available mirroring utility for non-Windows systems
    • 100% data redundancy


    Drive Interface SATA I
    Data Path SATA I /PATA (IDE)
    Defined by host controller
    Host Interface Standard 20" SATA cable
    Electrical Input Voltage 5V DC (+/- 5%)
    Current 450ma operating, 600ma peak
    Physical Dimensions Length: 5.83 Inch / 14.8 cm
    Width: 5.75 Inch / 14.6 cm
    Height: 1.65 Inch / 4.2 cm
    Operating Temperature: 0 - 50°C
    Humidity: 8 to 87% non-condensing
    MTBF MIL-HDBK-217 = 580,383 hours
    Bellcore rating = 2,695,418 hours
    EMC/EMI Compliance FCC class B certification
    CE certification

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      Part No. DD4-B5PK (Black)
    MSRP: $349 $296.00

    Part No.DD4-B5PKU (Black)
    MSRP: $359 $305.00

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