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At Data Protection Solutions by Arco we offer a broad selection of SATA RAID 1 controllers and enclosures. All EzRAID SATA RAID products are based on our DupliDisk-4 (DD4) SATA drive mirror technology . Our products come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, including both internal and external RAID 1 SATA drive enclosures. Each EzRAID device is designed to ensure that your computer and your business stay up and running--even if your hard drive fails.

How it works

EzRAID enclosures include two removable hot swap drive caddies. Each controller installs easily and connects via three SATA cables, one to each drive and one to the SATA controller on the motherboard. Once the EzRAID device is installed, all data saves are sent to both drives simultaneously. So the drives remain identical. If one of the drives fails, an alarm sounds and the remaining drive seamlessly takes over all operations, keeping the system up and running.

All EzRaid Hard Drive mirroring products provide an audible failure alarm and optional remote monitoring capability. Some units provide front panel status information.

For limited time, 15% off for all SATA RAID1 products.

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