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Protect your data with our easy to use backup software. Create a copy of your drive, create schedules, and restore your data just as easy. With the capability of creating automatic backups just point and click to set it- then forget it. You’ll be able to instantly restore lost or damaged files when you need them

EzBackup Full

EzBackup image backup software instantly transforms any drive into an easy to use automatic backup drive.

EzBackup Software 101

EzBackup101 file backup software has been designed with the backup beginner in mind. All you need to know about backup is...


The EzBackup-SA Stand Alone USB backup drive is the easiest, most powerful backup accessory you’ll find anywhere.


Store thousands of digital photos, data files, music files, digital video, and more all in your pocket.


The EzBackup EzSwap instantly turns any SATA drive into a backup drive. So you get exactly as much backup storage as you need.

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