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About Us

Cutting Edge Drive to Drive Products for Every User

Data Protection Solutions by Arco (DPS-Arco) is a leader in the development and manufacture of affordable and easy to use disk mirroring, drive copier and drive to drive backup solutions.

With hard drive capacity growing into the hundreds of gigabytes, traditional backup media, such as Zip, CD and DVD disks and even tape can no longer offer a convenient or efficient method for protecting your large data files. Increasingly, computer users are turning to a second hard drive to provide the backup storage space they need.

20 Years of Engineering Excellence

We began in 1989 as Arco Computer Products for the sole purpose of manufacturing hard drive controllers for the PC market. Since then, our company has evolved in response to the changing demands of the market. Through it all, we have retained our position at the forefront of backup technology development.

Data Protection Solutions by Arco (DPS) has over fifteen years of product development experience and has matured from delivering “one-off products” to the current line of products.

These products have unique patents and patent pending applications, such as Duplidisk3 (dd3) and Duplidisk4 (dd4) technology, which is the foundation for all of our disk mirroring and disk-to-disk data protection solutions.

DPS prides itself on innovative technology capable of meeting the demands of today’s competitive marketplace. The DD3 and DD4 patents bear witness to the inventive thinking that has brought our company to new heights.

The principals of Data Protection Solutions by Arco (DPS) are the backbone of our success. Collectively, representing over 40 years of experience in the technology industry.

Four Generations of Patented Tecnologies

All Data Protection Solutions by Arco products are operating system independent and require no system resources. This is possible thanks to our unique patented DupliDisk (DD) technology which is embedded within each product. The fourth generation of this innovative hidden device technology, DD4, was released approximately in 2006.

No Impact on System Performance

DPS-Arco products are all hardware RAID based. This means there is no impact on system performance. Unlike software RAID which uses the host processor for RAID functions--and slows overall performance considerably, our hardware RAID devices plug directly into the ATA bus of the host computer.

The advantages:

  • Our products require no drivers, IRQ’s, TSRs or SysTray resources.
  • Our products are hardware and OS independent.
  • Our DupliDisk technology is completely transparent to the host system.
  • Our products provide a constant mirror of all data and provide automatic failover

Constant Disk Mirroring

The host system writes data to the DPS-Arco hardware RAID device as though it were an ordinary hard drive. The device passes the data writes through simultaneously and securely to both hard drives, thereby maintaining a constant mirror of all data. This is done at the block level so it does not matter what the data is or how the drives are formatted.

If a hard drive should fail, the DPS-Arco hardware RAID device automatically switches to the remaining drive and alerts the user that a drive has failed. The computer system remains up and running normally. Then, depending on the model, the user can either hot-swap out the failed drive or bring the system down at a convenient time to replace the drive and re-mirror in the background.

The Most Reliable, Secure and Stable Solution Available

Data Protection Solutions by Arco is committed to delivering the proven performance that today’s companies rely on in the innovative form factors best suited for each application and environment.

Itzik Levy

Founder and Chief Technology Officer

From 1982- 1986, Mr. Levy proudly served a tour of duty with the Israeli Air Force. Upon completion of his service, he began his 18 years of experience designing and developing Disk/RAID Controllers. He has been a significant contributor since the founding years of Data Protection Solutions by Arco in 1989.

Mr. Levy has developed a series of innovative data backup technologies, including:

  • DPS’ first Third Party ESDI Micro Channel Controller
  • Patented IDE Raid 1
  • Several Patents for ATA Raid and D2D backup

As Chief Technology Officer, he now dedicates himself to leading his team of engineers to develop cutting edge backup technologies that address the new data protection challenges.

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